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Gregory E. Hamlin, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist licensed in the State of California (License # PSY16871).  Specialties include:

  1. Couples Communication
  2. Marriage Counseling
  3. Panic Attacks
  4. Grief and Loss
  5. Stress and Trauma (PTSD)
  6. Depression and Burnout
  7. Anger Due to Stress or Depression
  8. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  9. Excessive Worry
  10. Social Phobias and Other Types of Phobias


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What to Expect

This is how I see you in the first minute we meet: You want to be listened to—really listened to. You want more satisfying relationships, practical tools, and fresh approaches to try between sessions. While you want life to get better ASAP, you also want to explore underlying causes. You want clear goals and a strategy to reach them. You want a life coach, online counselor, or therapist that has a high degree of expertise and even more life experience with marriage, raising kids, and stress…Someone who really gets who you are and where you are going.


My specialties include communication skill for more satisfaction in marriage, parenting, and relationships. I have ironed out effective treatments for panic, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I have a unique approach to big life transitions such as divorce, stages of bereavement, and career disappointments. I provide hours of free resources online.

Art and Science

There is a lot of scientific knowledge available about marriage and numerous other life issues.  I pay attention to this pool of research and wisdom, but I don’t believe this is enough.  It’s also important to see each individual as having unique characteristics in their personality as well as unique challenges in the situations he or she faces.  Putting all this together to be practical is more of an art than a science.

Creativity makes my approach to therapy and coaching an art. My unique blend of the best therapies and coaching approaches is rare, particularly in my use of original online audios and videos. I am comfortable having phone or skype sessions as an online counselor in addition to my online classes.


Contact Information for Dr. Greg Hamlin